Wednesday, October 13, 2010

Behind the Crapalanche

I would like to remain anonymous to preserve my current standing in the internets community. This is too important for me to keep it on my chest any more so here it comes off. The absolute fact is that Geothermal, aka JAMES EDWARD SMITH, is a terrible person who single handedly ruined our pods cast.

I used to write and record an internet pods cast about the gaming community with my friend (OR SO I THOUGHT) James but the fact is that he is changed. His obsession with our success turned him into a corporate culture where he no longer cares about anything but our sales figures. We have many unproductive meetings and the fact is that we never record any pods casts in the past few months or so.

James is frankly an incompetent producer, too. He is always taking vacations from his responsibilities and then when things go wrong he blames it on Jimmy or Rico even though they called missing and everyone else heard them. The fact is that James is irresponsible and just drives around the Canadian beaches in his Maserati because he simply doesn't care. He is a coward.

I remember good days when our pods cast was popular but those days unfortunately are frankly no more. I just learned that I will be getting laid off in another few weeks probably off of the pods cast because of the budget. Of course our budget spun out of control once James got in charge. He set up many new departments, all of which he is in charge of and many of which are now getting closed down due to lack of diligentness. The fact is that he does not know how to do anything, I saw him try to eat and he just beat himself in the face and cried and I had to feed him, and even then he almost choked. (Figuratively speaking)

Furthermore and finally, it came apparent to me that James is a liar. I was threatening legal action toward Valve for not disclosing that there were more than 4 classes in Teamed Fortress 2 but as it turns out if you do this simple web search (you can do this):

1. Google "Teamed Fortress 2"
2. Click on "TF2 Wiki"
3. Scroll down a bit also close all the pop ups

There are clearly eight classes for the game, James never revealed this to me in our pods cast but it is clear now that he has previously played TF2 and did not disclose this information. James is a compulsive liar clearly. This is like if he played soccer (TF2) and then he went on to captain a baseball team (the pods cast) and then he revealed that frankly the fact is that he is a jerk (rugby and/or cricket).

I'm sorry that I had to do this but the truth has to come out.

Yours truly,